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Executive Coaching for Individuals

We commit with our clients guiding them to challenge their limiting beliefs, finding the obstacles that are restraining their growth and development, elucidating new alternatives and action plans; promoting evolution as human beings. We manage to guide them towards their True Potential. Depending on the complexity of the issue to work, we set up tailor-made programs with a certain number of sessions, divided into different stages.

We work on, among others subjects:


  • Career Planning and Redesign;

  • CV Assembly;

  • Transition or Career Reinvention;

  • Interview Skills;

  • Jobs Transition;

  • Interpersonal Relations;

  • Work Dynamics;

  • Overcoming Limitations;

  • Efficiency;

  • Team Work;

  • Leadership Skills;

  • Results Orientation;

  • Communications; and

  • Self Confidence, among others.

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