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Ontological Coaching?

Ontological Coaching is a discipline that consists of accompanying, instructing and training a person or a group of them, with the aim of achieving goals or developing specific skills. It allows people to achieve effective, optimal results. Also being able to develop personal well-being and as well as in their relations with others, whether in the family, social, professional or business environments.

Coaching is a conversational process that allows a person to be guided from a current (present) state to a better future state; identifying what the person is saying itself about a particular topic. We promote different ways of observing, generating new possibilities of action regarding a specific issue that will lead the individual to overcome their limiting beliefs and the obstacles that are being presented.

We take as a premise that language is not innocent and we generate realities through it. We are creators of our own contexts through what we say to others and what we say to ourselves. Language not only describes but generates the reality in which we live.

The word "Ontology" is formed through the Greek terms οντος, ontos, which means being; and λóγος, logos, which means study, speech, science, theory. Ontology is a branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of being, the existence and reality, trying to determine the fundamental categories and relationships of "being as being."

Sobre Consuelo
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